We sell garlic and garlic products all year around to many countries. The most famous garlic we supply include: Jinxiang big garlic of Shandong, Pizhou white garlic of Jiangsu, Cangshan & Jiading hard stem pure white small garlic, Zhongmou big garlic of Henan, high mountain purple garlic and single clove garlic of Yunnan, and Jimshar white garlic of Xinjiang. The sizes range from 4 cm to 7 cm.

We ensure best quality meeting EEC Cat.1 standard, since each bulb is hand processed. We pack several of our garlic brands in 1 or 10 kg mesh bags inside 10 kg cartons. We can also pack the garlic in sacks. We process garlic stems as well. We can arrange shipments either in dry or reefer containers with temperature and humidity control, or in refrigerated bulk vessels. We load the containers in such a way so that the garlic can breathe with the ventilated air.

Our garlic products also include various kinds of dehydrated garlic powder, garlic flakes, garlic granules, fresh and frozen peeled garlic, garlic paste, decorative garlic braids, etc. For garlic and garlic products, we're one of the largest suppliers in the world.

All of our garlic passes through several inspections. Each bulb is hand processed, and we are constantly improving on our facilities and procedures. Thanks to our large volume, we can still offer you competitive prices, with a quality that can't be beat!

Our field inspections reveal garlic size and quality. Only the best garlic passes this inspection, and goes on to fresh market processing.
All bulbs are hand peeled, removing one skin. This ensures cleanliness and superior appearance. It also allows us to single out and remove any damaged bulbs.
Bulbs are individually sized and sorted, so that your shipment is always consistent with what you have ordered.
Your beautiful garlic, protected by a mesh bag and a strong carton, ready to ship!
This is one of Top Pearl's brands: CURATIVO. Note that on large orders, our sturdy cartons can be customized with your own logo and artwork.
This is our TOP PEARL brand, packed in cartons that you will be proud to display and sell to your customers.

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