Introducing, our director:
William B. Rusconi

William B. Rusconi Friends and Potential Customers:

We would like to introduce our director Mr. Rusconi.

Mr Rusconi served in the United States Airforce, then went on to graduate from California Fresno University with a major in Agronomy and Marketing. He then began a career in agriculturally as well as industrially related enterprises. He formed Cal-Swiss Foods in California, Security Corn Hybrids Company in Iowa, and Security Cotton Seed Company in Tennessee, with branches in Mexico and South America. During that period, he also developed a 6000 acre farming operation in the San Joaquin Valley of California.

His business career is highlighted by his serving on the Agricultural Board of Governors of the FSC University for a period of many years. Mr Rusconi also:

  • was a trade mission member for the United States Department of Commerce to Russia in developing grain trade under US President Johnson.
  • served as an action member of the Osaka Japan - San Francisco USA sister and trade mission.
  • has a career in Agronomy, including developing several varieties of Garlic and Alfalfa seed (medicago sativa), for the US, Italy, Mexico and Germany. He developed several corn hybrids that increased the corn yields in the USA.
  • is a specialist in all fields of garlic - research, growing, marketing, processing and shipping.
He is recognized in the USA as a modern thinker and planner in the fields of marketing and distribution, and is renowned through many parts of the world for his accomplishments, holding an honorary doctorate degree from Rome University.

He formed the American Family Foundation for the betterment of Family Harmony, and has written extensively on the subject of achieving health and happiness by using proper thinking, while developing personal responsibility on the part of each family member.

Moving out of his farming career, he went to work as director of Top Pearl Ltd. We feel that this resume will help you understand one of the facets responsible for Top Pearls success.

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